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In line with Government guidance Tuesday & Thursday training sessions are suspended. We will post further notifications here and on our Facebook page & Twitter page
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Welcome to the Kenshin Kazoku Kai Karate Club Lowestoft

Kazoku broadly translates to family, the club and association fosters friendship and considers all members to be part of one big family. Everyone is welcome to join us and learn the traditional martial art of karate.

Karate encompasses a number of styles and much of what we do is based on the traditional styles of Wado Ryu and Shito Ryu.

The training sessions are mixed and varied and an emphasis is also placed on attaining a reasonable level of fitness.

Training sessions are held twice a week with Tuesday evenings is a junior class. The Thursday evening classes is more of a mixed class including both junior and adult students.

2009 saw over 40 students and family travel to Okinawa, Japan to train with some of the Okinawan masters. This coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Kazoku Kai International.

Kazoku Kai Continuous Bunkai DVD

kazooku kai bunkai dvdThis DVD is intended for any Karate-Ka who studies the Pinan/heian kata. It shows a series of partner work which evolves into a continuous bunkai for each kata.
This helps all degrees of student from beginner to black belt, and forms part of the Kazoku Kai syllabus. The bunkai has been developed by Sensei Derek Ridgway, Chief Instructor of Kazoku Kai International, and is intended as an instructional aid for Kazoku Kai members. £12.00 Free P&P © Kazoku Kai International 2007.

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